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3. Slovenské NOSEWORK hry

Košice, Košice, SK

Veronika Lengyelova

Organizer: 4 Active Paws, o.z.

Place: Košice (location to be specified)

Date: 08.05.2024

Start: 09.00

Number of participants: 30 teams

Participation fee: 30 EUR/team

What to expect?

2 coaches will prepare 2 game zones with 4 different terrains. Each zone will have the following parts: 1 row of objects, 2 small terrains and 1 large terrain. One solid cinnamon sample will be hidden in each row / field.

The games take place outdoors in natural terrain (forest, forest park, grassy area).

The goal of each team is to find and correctly report all hidden samples in 2 game zones within the specified time limit.

The event will take place with a minimum number of 10 participants.

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