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About MyDogEvent

Welcome to the page that will change your dog's world! MyDogEvent - the place where action-packed dogs and their owners come together to discover and share the best dog events.

Explore the world of dog events

Our goal is simple: to connect dog lovers with a variety of dog events, from exciting sporting competitions to dog shows.

With MyDogEvent you won’t miss any more special moments!

What can you expect at MyDogEvent?

Wide range of events

From agility and obedience competitions, through sport cynology and bullsports to dog sledding and world dog shows - we have events for all dog lovers.

Real-time updates

With our regularly updated calendar, you won't miss any new events in your area. You can rest assured that you will always be in the loop.

Offer from all over the world

MyDogEvent events take place anywhere in the world where canine athletes or show beauties live.

Adding your own events

Are you an organizer or simply know of a great dog event? With MyDogEvent you can easily add your own events and get them in front of the dog community.

Forum and discussion

Connect with other dog owners or organizers in the discussion forum. Share experiences, questions and more not only from dog events. ( preparation...)


A clear offer of services for dog owners in one place. From photography and coat grooming, to making dog toys, to offering space for a dog event. Present yourself or choose something from the menu.

Present yourself

Do you photograph dog events? You make agility hurdles, the best dog tug-toys or do you offer event space? Take the opportunity to present at MyDogEvent and make your presence known where you'll find the most fans of dog events.

MyDogEvent is more than just a website – it’s a place where the dog community comes together and shares the love for their furry friends.

Join us today and discover the world of dog events like never before!

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