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Agility is a thrilling dog sport that shows a canine’s speed, agility, and obedience. In this activity, dogs navigate through a challenging obstacle course that typically includes jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and seesaws. The goal is for the dog and handler to complete the course as quickly and accurately as possible, all while following the handler’s cues and commands.

Agility demands a strong bond between the handler and their dog, as communication and teamwork are key. It not only provides physical exercise for the dog but also mental stimulation as they must make split-second decisions on the course. Agility is a fun and competitive way for dogs and their owners to bond while showing their impressive skills and athleticism.

Bull sports


Bullsports include a variety of physically demanding competitions designed to test a dog’s strength, agility and determination, and are intended primarily for breeds such as the pit bull terrier or American Staffordshire terrier or other types of bull breeds. These sports often include disciplines

In high jump, dogs demonstrate their vertical leap by trying to bite a toy or pawn suspended at height. In tug-of-war, the strength of two dogs facing each other is met in a friendly but intense duel. Wall climbing challenges the dog’s climbing abilities as it attempts to reach the highest point by bouncing and running up a vertical wall, demonstrating its agility and coordination. Weight pulling tests the strength and endurance of a dog pulling a heavy sled or weight over a set distance.

These bull sports not only provide an opportunity for physical exercise, but also celebrate the dog’s impressive physical prowess and the bond between the dog and its handler.

Guy with disabilities in a wheelchair with his assistance dog at rehabilitation center


Canistherapy, also known as animal-assisted therapy or dog therapy, is a therapeutic approachthat involves trained dogs working with individuals to improve their physical, emotional, or social well-being. During canistherapy sessions, specially trained dogs and their handlers visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centers, and other care facilities to provide companionship and support.

Interacting with therapy dogs can have a positive impact on individuals’ mental health, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve mood. It’s particularly effective in helping individuals with physical or cognitive disabilities, children with learning challenges, and people undergoing rehabilitation.

Canistherapy sessions are carefully structured and supervised to ensure the safety and comfort of both the individuals and the dogs involved. Canisterapy may not be a sport, but it is an activity with a dog where events and trials are organised anyway, so we decided to include it amongst the others..

Coursing / Sighthound racing

Coursing is a dynamic dog sport that focuses on the innate hunting abilities of all fast dogs. In this exhilarating sport, dogs are set loose in a vast, open area where they chase after a mechanically operated lure, typically a stuffed animal or flag. The lure mimics the erratic movements of prey, igniting the dogs’ natural instincts to pursue.

Handlers release their hounds simultaneously, and the race is a thrilling display of speed, agility, and strategy. The first dog to catch the lure or complete the course wins the competition. Coursing in an open field not only provides sighthounds with an opportunity to engage in their primal instincts but also offers a fantastic outlet for exercise and a chance to witness the awe-inspiring athleticism of these breeds.

Sighthound racing is a thrilling and high-speed dog sport specifically designed for breeds like Greyhounds, Whippets, and Salukis, which are known for their remarkable agility and speed. In this sport, dogs chase a mechanical lure, typically a stuffed animal or flag, around a track or course. This type of race is particularly popular in the UK.

Dock diving


Dock diving is an exciting and adrenaline-pumping dog sport that showcases a dog’s love for water and their ability to leap off a dock into a pool of water. In this sport, dogs compete to achieve the greatest distance or height while jumping into the water. It’s a thrilling spectator sport that highlights a dog’s athleticism, strength, and precision.

Handlers usually throw a toy or a retrieving object into the water, and dogs launch themselves off the dock to retrieve it. The distance or height they achieve is then measured and used to determine the winner.

Dogdancing / Heelwork


Dog dancing, also known as canine freestyle, is a captivating and creative dog sport that combines the art of dance with the obedience and agility of dogs. . In this sport, dogs and their handlers perform choreographed routines set to music, showing the dog’s precision, coordination, and responsiveness to commands. Heelwork is a specific aspect of dog dancing that focuses on intricate, synchronized movements between the dog and handler.

During dog dancing and heelwork performances, dogs demonstrate an impressive range of tricks, spins, jumps, and intricate footwork, all synchronized with the beat of the music. Handlers use hand signals and verbal cues to guide their dogs through the routine, highlighting their teamwork and communication. It’s a joyful and artistic way for dogs and their owners to express themselves while delighting audiences with their graceful moves.

Shiba Inu dog trains balance on gray and yellow stability balls for core strengthening



Fitness for dogs is a holistic approach to maintaining both the physical and mental health of dogs. Particularly for dogs that are under the stress of sports, it is important to focus not only on training for that sport, but also on compensatory exercises, stretching, balanced nutrition, mental stimulation and the overall well-being of the dog. Fitness for dogs usually includes activities such as massage, stretching, proper muscle preparation before a race, hydrotherapy, dorn therapy, balance exercises but also interactive games that are adapted to the age, breed and energy level of the dog. Mental stimulation through jigsaw puzzles, obedience training and even learning new tricks is equally important to keep dogs active and mentally sharp.



Dogtrekking is an outdoor dog sport that combines hiking or running with your dog. In dogtrekking, participants explore various terrains, from trails and mountains to forests and wilderness areas, while being accompanied by their four-legged companions. The sport promotes fitness for both dogs and humans and fosters a strong bond between them.

During a dogtrekking event, dogs are usually harnessed to their owners, and the pair navigates through natural landscapes together. The sport emphasizes teamwork, communication, and endurance, making it an excellent way for dogs and their owners to enjoy the great outdoors while staying active and fit. The winner is usually determined by the shortest time on a given route. Dogtrekking events range from leisurely hikes to more competitive races, and the tracks can vary from 5 to 100 km.



Flyball is an exhilarating and fast-paced dog sport that combines elements of speed, agility, and teamwork. In this relay race, teams of dogs compete to retrieve tennis balls from a spring-loaded box and then race back over a series of hurdles to their handlers, all against the clock. The objective is to complete the course as quickly as possible without any mistakes.

Flyball tests a dog’s ability to follow commands, jump over hurdles, and trigger the ball-releasing mechanism with precision. It is a thrilling spectator sport that showcases the dogs’ athleticism and enthusiasm for the game. Teams typically consist of four dogs, and they must work in perfect harmony to achieve success.



Frisbee dog sport, also known as disc dog, is a dynamic and visually captivating sport that involves dogs catching flying discs thrown by their handlers. It showcases the incredible athleticism, agility, and precision of dogs as they leap, twist, and soar to catch the discs mid-air.

In this sport, dogs and handlers work together to perform various tricks, stunts, and acrobatics with the flying disc, often set to music. Judges assess the dogs’ style, distance, and difficulty of catches during competitions. Frisbee dog sport is a fantastic way for dogs to get exercise, stimulate their minds, and strengthen the bond between them and their owners.



Sheep herding is a traditional and highly skilled dog sport that highlights the working abilities of herding dog breeds, such as Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, Kelpies but also all other shepherd breeds. In this sport, dogs demonstrate their innate herding instincts by guiding a group of sheep through a designated course or pasture, following the handler’s commands and cues.

The objective is to showcase the dog’s ability to control the movement of the sheep, directing them through gates, into pens, or along specific routes. Judges evaluate the dog’s precision, patience, and efficiency in completing these tasks. Sheep herding is not only a testament to the intelligence and instincts of these breeds but also a tribute to the historical partnership between dogs and humans in agriculture and livestock management.

Hero / Spartan races


Dog Hero Races combine the thrill of obstacle course racing with the teamwork and athleticism of dogs and their handlers. . In these events, participants and their four-legged companions work together to conquer a series of challenging obstacles, mud pits, walls, and other physical challenges set up over a course. The sport tests not only the physical fitness and endurance of both dogs and humans but also their communication and bond.

Handlers guide their dogs through the obstacles, encouraging them to leap, climb, and navigate the course. These races are an exciting way for people and their dogs to stay active and competitive while fostering trust and cooperation between them.



Hoopers is an exciting and relatively new dog sport that focuses on agility and teamwork between dogs and handlers. In this sport, dogs navigate through a course that consists of a series of hoops or tunnels, among other obstacles. The goal is to complete the course as quickly as possible, following the handler’s cues and commands.

Hoopers is unique because it’s less physically demanding on dogs compared to traditional agility sports with jumps. The sport emphasizes fluid and efficient movement through the course, making it accessible to dogs of various ages and physical conditions. Hoopers competitions provide a fun and mentally stimulating outlet for dogs to showcase their agility and obedience skills.



Hunting with dogs is a centuries-old sport that leverages a dog’s natural hunting instincts and abilities to assist hunters in tracking, locating, and retrieving game animals. Various breeds of hunting dogs are trained for specific roles, such as pointers and retrievers. These dogs work alongside their human handlers to locate and flush out game, retrieve fallen birds or game, or track wounded animals.

Hunting with dogs is not only a sport but also an age-old tradition deeply rooted in many cultures around the world. It demands a strong bond between the dog and the hunter, as well as rigorous training and discipline. The sport celebrates the skills and instincts of hunting dogs and their contributions to providing sustenance and outdoor recreation for hunters. It’s important to note that hunting regulations and ethics vary widely, and responsible hunting practices prioritize animal welfare and nature protection.

IGP / Mondioring


IGP (Internationale Gebrauchshund Prüfungsordnung) and Mondioring are challenging and comprehensive dog sports that assess a dog’s obedience, protection skills, and tracking abilities. They were developed to test the working capabilities of various breeds, especially those traditionally used for police and protection work.

In IGP, formerly known as IPO (Internationale Prüfungs-Ordnung), dogs undergo a series of trials that include tracking, obedience, and protection phases. In tracking, dogs follow a scent trail to locate objects. Obedience tests a dog’s responsiveness to commands, while the protection phase evaluates a dog’s ability to protect its handler when required.

Mondioring, on the other hand, is a French-originated dog sport that combines obedience, agility, and protection elements. Dogs must perform intricate exercises such as jumps, retrieves, and search exercises, showcasing their versatility and precision.

Both IGP and Mondioring require a strong partnership between the dog and handler, emphasizing teamwork, discipline, and control. These sports not only celebrate the working abilities of dogs but also provide them with a challenging and fulfilling outlet for their natural instincts.

Mushing / Canicross

mushing canicross

Mushing and its related disciplines like canicross, bikejoring, scooter and skijoring are exciting dog sports that involve dogs pulling various forms of transportation, such as sleds, bikes, or skis, while working in tandem with their handlers. Mushing is traditionally associated with sled dog races, where teams of dogs, like Siberian Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, or eurohound pull sledges across the snowy landscape but more and more often also in the “off-snow” period.

Canicross involves running with your dog, with the dog harnessed and attached to the runner by a bungee cord. Bikejoring is similar, but the dog pulls a mountain bike along trails or paths, and skijoring is done on skis.

These sports emphasize teamwork, endurance, and cooperation between dogs and handlers. They provide an excellent way for dogs to get exercise, stimulate their minds, and enjoy the great outdoors alongside their owners.

Nosework / Tracking

nosework tracking

Nosework and tracking are dog sports that focus on harnessing a dog’s remarkable sense of smell and tracking abilities. In nosework, dogs are trained to locate specific scents, often hidden in containers or designated areas. Handlers guide their dogs to find these scents, and competitions may involve searching for a variety of odors.

Tracking, on the other hand, is a discipline where dogs follow a scent trail left by a person or object. Dogs use their keen noses to follow the trail’s scent path, often navigating challenging terrain and obstacles.

The nose work and tracking competitions show the dogs’ accuracy, concentration and determination in following scent trails or searching for hidden scents, while demonstrating these exceptional abilities.

Obedience / Rally OB


Obedience and Rally Obedience are two closely related dog sports that emphasize a dog’s ability to follow commands and perform precise tasks under the guidance of their handler. Obedience tests assess mastery of a variety of commands including leg, sit, stay, call, retrieve and sending to a marked square. stay, call, retrieve and sending to a marked square. In the higher categories, scent discrimination exercises are also included. Judges assess the dog’s performance based on accuracy, speed, and the handler’s control.

Rally Obedience, on the other hand, is a dynamic sport that combines elements of obedience with a timed course. Handlers and dogs navigate a course with designated stations, each requiring specific commands or tasks. Teams move through the course at their own pace, and judges evaluate their execution of tasks, as well as their overall teamwork.

Both obedience and rally obedience provide an excellent platform for dogs and their owners to build a strong bond, enhance communication, and showcase the dog’s obedience skills. These sports are not only mentally stimulating for dogs but also serve as a fun and engaging way to participate in a friendly competition while reinforcing good behavior and responsiveness in dogs.

Puller sports

Puller sports, using rubber foam rings like the Puller fitness tool, are a modern and dynamic dog sport that focuses on physical conditioning, obedience, and teamwork between dogs and handlers. In this sport, the dog and handler engage in various exercises and routines using the Puller rings, such as fetch, tug of war, and agility drills.

The Puller rings are designed to be lightweight and easy for dogs to grip and carry. They provide a safe and effective means of exercise and mental stimulation for dogs of all sizes and fitness levels. Puller sports emphasize coordination, strength, and bonding between the dog and handler, making it an engaging and fulfilling activity for both.



Rescue dog sports are specialized competitions that assess the skills and abilities of search and rescue (SAR) dogs and their handlers. These events are designed to replicate real-life rescue scenarios, such as locating missing persons in challenging terrains or disaster-stricken areas. SAR dogs, often breeds like German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Bloodhounds, demonstrate their proficiency in scent tracking, agility, and obedience.

Handlers and their SAR dogs work together to search for and locate hidden victims using their keen noses and problem-solving abilities. A separate section is the work of rescue dogs for water work or avalanche accidents in the mountains. They highlight the vital role that search and rescue dogs play in saving lives during emergencies and disasters while providing a platform for continuous training and improvement in these life-saving skills.

Shelter / non FCI events

Numerous sporting events and professional shows often exclude crossbreeds or non-pedigree dogs from participation. Nonetheless, these dogs diligently train with their owners, showcasing their intelligence and beauty. Therefore, it is essential to create inclusive events where they can exhibit their cleverness and charm.

Additionally, many animal shelters organize such events to garner support for their resident dogs. By introducing this segment, we aim to contribute to these shelters’ efforts, increasing awareness about their dogs and improving their chances of finding loving homes. This inclusive approach not only recognizes the talents and beauty of all dogs but also extends a helping hand to those in need, ultimately promoting the welfare of all canine companions.

Shows / Handling


Dog shows are competitive events that showcase purebred dogs and evaluate them against breed standards set by kennel clubs or breed organizations. These events emphasize the conformation, temperament, and overall quality of the participating dogs. Handlers and their dogs compete in various categories based on breed, age, and gender, with the ultimate goal of earning titles and recognition for the dogs’ adherence to breed standards.

During dog shows, judges carefully assess each dog’s appearance, structure, movement, and behavior. The rating is awarded based on how closely the dog conforms to the breed standard. Show evaluation is often one of the prerequisites for recognition of a dog’s breeding ability, i.e. its suitability for further use in breeding.

Dog shows provide an opportunity for breeders to showcase their breeding programs, and they serve as a platform for identifying high-quality breeding individuals. They also allow enthusiasts and the public to appreciate the beauty and diversity of purebred dogs.

Socialization / Dog Behavior

Socialization behaviour

In this section we have included actions related to dog behaviour and socialisation. Socialization and dog behavior seminars are educational events designed to help dog owners and enthusiasts better understand canine behavior and promote healthy interactions between dogs and people. These seminars often feature expert trainers, behaviorists, or veterinarians who share insights, strategies, and techniques for improving a dog’s social skills and addressing behavioral issues.

During these events attendees can learn about the importance of early socialization for puppies, techniques for introducing dogs to new environments, people, and other dogs, and how to manage and modify problematic behaviors. Topics may also include canine body language, communication, and stress signals, helping owners recognize and respond to their dog’s needs effectively.

During these evnets can also be addreseds problem behaviors in dogs, such as aggression, anxiety, fear, excessive barking, and destructive tendencies. Attendees receive guidance on identifying the root causes of these issues and strategies to manage and modify them effectively.



Treibball is a unique and mentally stimulating dog sport that originated in Germany. It involves dogs herding large exercise balls into a designated goal using their noses or shoulders. The game typically involves several balls, and the dog must work with their handler to maneuver each ball into the goal within a set time frame.

Treibball is not only an entertaining sport but also a fantastic way to challenge a dog’s obedience, problem-solving skills, and communication with their handler. It can be enjoyed by dogs of various breeds and sizes, and it doesn’t require a herding background. Treibball promotes teamwork and mental stimulation for both dogs and handlers, making it a rewarding and enjoyable activity that strengthens the bond between them.

hero races

Hero races

Puller sports



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