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Offer your services for canine clients

Dog sports and events wouldn’t work without a huge community of people around – from trainers, toy and equipment manufacturers, dog groomers and musculoskeletal experts to pro photographers and many others. Use their services or offer your own..

Dog salons - coat grooming

Do you cut, groom or otherwise care for the appearance of dogs? Add your services to our listings and give other owners the opportunity to take advantage of your unique skills.


Toys, training aids...

Do you offer dog products with an emphasis on quality and joy for four-legged friends? Add your products and offer dog owners the opportunity to get unique and original supplies for their pets.


Photography and graphics

If you are a photographer or graphic designer who specializes in dog themes, join us. Offer dog owners unique snapshots and graphics that capture their best friends.


Fitness and therapies

Sports massages, exercises or special therapies will give your dog professional care after intensive training. Are you an expert in this field? Let us know about you!


Education and training

Do you specialize in obedience training or are you an agility trainer? Are you involved in education and problem behaviour? Offer your services to owners who want to achieve their goals with their dog.


Event and others

Do you offer some services or products related to event organisation? Or any other services that dog lovers might be interested in? Let others know about you.

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